Covid 19 Community Consult on Impacts on Indian Elderly

20 March 2020 05:38 am


Covid 19 Community Consult on Impacts on Indian Elderly

Start Date: 20 March 2020 05:38 am

End Date: 20 March 2020 05:38 am

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Current Impacts on Indian Elderly

This is the first open consultation within the Indian Community via member organisations of the FICQ. The aim is to understand current impacts on the elderly citizens in our respective communities.

  • The agenda is limited to hearing what is happening in the community?
  • how grounded are we into our communities? Do we know the numbers? and so, on so forth. Social distancing is a key factor. What coping mechanisms are in place? and what can we learn from some of our larger community organisations?

Community Consult on Impacts on Indian Elderly

Social distancing measures in Queensland prevents us from a GC consultation but not our intentions and let us try teleconferencing mode. Please share this with any key members of your organisations - doctors, allied health personnel, social workers, personal support workers etc. Let them also come up to this first teleconference. I am aware that not everyone may have a chance to speak but will have an opportunity to hear and do some parallel thinking. We may take up issues and concerns in another meeting or though possibly some more subgroups. Knowledge shared and experiences shared is important to all of us. United we can work for our communities. Dr Venkat Pulla, PRO with Dr Sudipto Roy, Jagrath Shah, Volunteers Elderly Programs & Shyam Das, President FICQ