Indian students in crisis: Qld Indian Communities consultation

27 March 2020 05:32 am

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Indian students in crisis: Qld Indian Communities consultation

Start Date: 27 March 2020 05:32 am

End Date: 28 March 2020 05:32 am

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Indian students in crisis: Qld Indian Communities consultation for joint action,

Covid 19 affects students that have come from many states of India. We don’t know if many have ventured to return to India. Students have some legitimate issues. Their visas provide them a twenty hour per week opportunity to earn some money. That in many cases would have dropped down due to the crisis. Take the case of Hospitality student Gurpreet Singh drives Uber to supplement his income:

“Because I am a driver, I have no such options like work from home or any entitlements such as paid or sick leaves. This means, if I can’t drive, I would have no source of income and I wouldn’t be able to afford my degree, house or pay by electricity bills.”

Gurpreet Singh, Uber Driver

  • Last week, the federal government announced casual workers would be eligible for a payment of about $280 a week if they could not go to work or had to self-isolate because of coronavirus.
  • But such amnesties aren’t available to international students, particularly those who drive to support or assist in cleaning or work in smaller retails that may have shut.

This is the follow-up brainstorm to one that was initiated by Krishna Ravi Pati . Some international students from major communities ( catchment states in India) are also joining us . FICQ requests representatives from our communities – who can assist with networking in the community – yet another social responsibility. – join the teleconference without fail. Rsvp : Preetam Krishna 0402537209